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Happy Dependence Day

This is the day our country celebrates its independence from rule and control by the British Empire.

This is the day I’m celebrating my DEpendence on God, my Savior. Most of my life I have lived to gain my independence. From my mom and dad. From financial burdens to become financial independent (I didn’t make it there). From stress and worry (Reading a slew of self-help books and getting professional counseling).

God is finally showing me that seeking independence in my life is an illusive pipe dream. It’s not going to happen. In the past, each time I thought I was achieving some measure of independence, God showed me I wasn’t. I was only achieving for myself more stress, more pressure, more unrealistic expectations. God showed me that the only way I was ever going to achieve any measure of joy and satisfaction in my life was to become totally dependent on Him. Not in just a few spiritual things, but in ALL things.

I have not arrived. I still selfishly depend on my own resources, seek to meet my needs, in some cases, more than meet the needs of others (See Philippians 2:3-4).

As a follower and disciple of Jesus, today I’m not proud of my efforts to gain my independence. But I am eager and excited to claim my DEpendence on God and enjoy His blessings in those times I depend totally on Him.

Happy DEpendence day.

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