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My wife had one of her keen observations the other day during one our frequent discussions about the pandemic and the state of our nation. “What if God is working in this pandemic to tear down our idols?”

“What a thought,” I said. I suppose that may be what’s going on,” I said.

Think a minute. Think of all the national activities and personal possessions we love (Dare I say worship.)that have been cancelled or drastically altered. Baseball, pro football, college football (I have to admit an idol of mine, especially Alabama) Broadway, The Masters, cars we drive, movies and movie star idols, money we make and our 401k’s, clothes we can’t buy now, vacations, cars, houses, boats, golf clubs, we could go on and on. The pandemic and Covid 19 have disrupted every area of life as we knew it, and in many cases made our once pleasurable idols impossible to enjoy and worship any more.

Do not make any gods to be alongside me; do not make for yourselves gods of silver or gods of gold. Exodus 20:23.

What will happen next? Only God knows. What if God is just getting started? What if the virus continues to spread? What if the pandemic continues into next year? Are you hanging onto any idols? What if God removes them? Are you willing to give it/them up? What if you’ve got an idol you don’t think is one? Are you willing to recognize it as an idol and give it up? Or have God take it from you?

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