God, God's Sovereignty, God's Will

Stop messin’ with our planet

Since Eve bit into the apple way back in Genesis 3 mankind has been trying to wrestle control of life from God. Now, after 2,000 years of reckless stewardship and royally screwing up the environment a contingent of liberal pinhead scientists and self-absorbed politicians think they’re going to fix the planet. . .

they (we all) screwed up. So they came up with this hair-brained plan called the green new deal to fix the environment and the oceans and the food supply and the weather and the airlines and carbon and on and on. They think they can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and all society’s problems. Oh, and let’s throw in racial injustice and economic inequality as well.

And how do they intend to employ the green new deal to do it all?

They want the government to spend gargantuan amounts of our tax dollars to fund all their pie-in-the-sky ideas.

I see two major flaws in their plan.

Our national debt today is $27.7 trillion dollars which our grandchildren’s grandchidren will still be paying down.

This is still God’s world. He created everything and everyone. If he thinks changing the climate is a good idea he’ll have the best plan for doing it according to his will and his resources. And he won’t be asking our advice for how to do it.

And that goes for the other cockamamie notions those green new deal folks are proffering.

God originally tasked man to be co-stewards with God to take care of the planet He created for mankind. But it didn’t take long for man’s careless disregard for the earth to start messing it up. And that disregard is as bad today as it’s ever been. So, as God has always done when man has disobeyed, God’s had to step in and fix things, just like he’ll have to do to fix earth, if he chooses to, this time.

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