The blessing of music

I’ve been in music groups, choirs, marching bands, singing quartets, concert bands, and combos since I was in the 4th grade.

The picture above is of the bell choir I was a member at our Methodist church in Shenandoah, Iowa for five years. Look carefully at the cute little guy (the second from the left on the front row) That’s yours truly.

One of the highlights for me for being in the bell choir was–the back of my head appeared in Life Magazine one time–really. As a choir the bell choir performed for civic groups and service clubs and churches all around Southwest Iowa, as well as Omaha, Kansas City, and St. Louis.

Mrs Winn Brown from our church became concerned because the boys were aging out of the children’s choir and she wanted to keep them active in church. So she traveled to London, England and bought a complete two-octave set of hand made hand bells for the bell choir. She taught us how to play and directed the choir. We could not touch the bells and had to wear white gloves when we played them. Mrs. Brown was a sweetheart of a lady and all of us in the choir loved her for her love and extraordinary commitment to all us kids.

She and the bell choir remain two of my richest growing up music blessings.

Visit my For His Glory blog again on Wednesday and Friday. I’m going to share more music blessings that play an integral part of my story.

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