My favorite music

I could listen to choirs and music groups sing worship music for hours, and often have.

There’s something about listening and watching music groups performing on YouTube videos that draws me into the presence of Jesus and warms my heart. Their singing often brings me to tears. Listening to their music is my absolutely favorite thing to do

I have half a dozen songs I call my “Cry songs” because every time I hear them I cry. And I don’t mean “tear up” or “whimper”. I mean cry, sometimes weep.

As I’m watching these groups perform I watch the members closely. They aren’t singing, they’re worshipping, pouring their hearts and souls out to God, praising Him and giving Him glory. It is wonderful to watch.

Music has always been one of God’s richest blessings in my life And it’s getting even richer the closer I get to home. And one day I hope to be singing baritone in God’s heavenly choir.

I can’t imagine anything sweeter

I hope every visitor today will listen to at least one if not allof these worship songs. I guarantee you will be blessed, even if you’re not musically inclined.

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