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God called on me

by Monty B. Pitner

My Uncle Monty wrote this poem decades ago.

Monty was a Speech and English professor at the University of Maryland campus, Montgomery County junior College in Rockville, Maryland.

He garnered a bushel full of of national bridge points (I don’t know a thing about bridge but folks who play tell me that’s a big deal.) Monty was also the top civilian instructor in the Atlantic theater for the Pentagon. He was also acquainted with John F. Kennedy before JFK ran for president in 1960.

I never knew Monty to be religious or spiritual. I don’t know whether he had a saving relationship with Jesus when he died in 1970 or not. But you’d think from the context of his poem that he may have.

God Called on MePitner

By Monty B. Pitner

God called on me one night when it was late

and said that love should conquer over hate

It was a dream, and yet I seemed to see

a light as bright as silver circling me.

He spoke and smiled as though we’d met before,

and then I wasn’t frightened any more.

He said, “How strange to me that man

has lost the meaning that his Master planned.

I gave my only son to light the way,

and now you honor him Christmas Day;

but have you all forgotten why you sing

of Jesus who was born to be your King?

Let love prevail and play its proper part;

the Joy of Christmas is within the heart.

To give is more divine tan to receive;

My son, in this have faith; in this believe.

Now I shall go, but speak my word

that out of darkness you saw God one day.”

It’s strange that I should see my Master call,

for I am blind and cannot see at all.

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