I have lost an angel

Pat Welch

Last week the Lord called Pat Welch home. She is eternally happy and smiling now. Enjoying her Sainthood and fellowship with Jesus.

Our pastor said heaven is a much happier place now that Pat is there. Jesus has already told her, “Well done my good and faithful servant. Now It’s time for you to enjoy all the fruits and blessings of your love for people and for Me while you prepared on earth for your forever home with Me here in eternity.”

To call Pat a Saint is inadequate. She was a pay grade or two above that–as in with the angels. I don’t know a single person who didn’t adore her and felt blessed to be around her. And she knew everyone. And loved them all.

In the 15 years of our friendship I don’t recall EVER seeing her without a smile on her face. She would help anyone who asked–her closest friend or a total stranger.

One Sunday she came into church with a cake she baked. I asked her who the cake was for. She said it was for a friend of hers in South Carolina who was sick. She left after church and drove to South Carolina. She dropped the cake off at her friend’s house, turned around and drove back to Atlanta the same day. True story!

One of her favorite things to do was bake. There’s no tellin’ how many folks at church she baked birthday cakes for. And you could fill a semi trailer full three times over with the cookies and cupcakes she baked.

At Christmas she made candy for me. She called it white trash. It was similar to bridge mix but crunchier. It was coated (more like smothered) in white chocolate. She didn’t just bring it in zip-lock bag. The bag she brought me held about two gallons of the mouth-watering candy. It never made it till Christmas.

She and I worked on the hospitality team together. When we first met each other on Sunday morning she would smile and kiss me on my bald head. That set my happy mood and happy face every week.

Now when you get to heaven, after Jesus hugs you and tells you, “Well done good and faithful servant, come on in. “When you turn around to go to worship Ms. Pat will be standing there with a warm welcomingly affectionate smile and a handful of worshipful bulletins and a heartfelt, “Good morning, welcome. its so nice to see you'”

One Comment

  1. Steve…So sorry to hear about your loss. Pat sounds incredible and you sound so blessed to have her as a friend and a loving sister in Christ. I can’t wait to meet her in Heaven and possibly try some of her ‘White Trash’, it sounds fantastic! ๐Ÿ˜€

    God bless you and thanks so much for sharing! ๐Ÿ™



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