Just 50 years ago. . .

The Beatles on Ed Sullivan

I grew up in the 1960’s with JFK, the Beatles, Walter Cronkite, Selma, Apollo 11, Martin Luther King, Civil Rights struggles, Woodstock, Hank Aaron, Bob Dylan, Vietnam, 31cents-a-gallon gas, and Jim Brown.

It was still pretty much a man’s world. A woman’s place was still in the home. She didn’t have a credit card. Why, of course she wouldn’t know how to use one. (Pause to laugh.)

Housekeeping Monthly published an article back then called “The Good Wife’s Guide”. The magazine instructed women to “have a delicious meal ready, on time for his return.” Also, you should “touch up your makeup, put a ribbon in your hair, and be fresh-looking.” And don’t forget, “catering for his comfort will provide you with immense personal satisfaction.” And for god’s sake, don’t assume he gives a crap about anything you have to say, because his topics of conversation are more important than yours.”1

I miss my often serene childhood growing up in a small Southwest Iowa farming community.

That life is but a distant blessing in my life story.

Life will never be the same. Better, but never the same.

The ’60s were a golden age, indeed.

1Bizarre Things People Believed 50 Years Ago (grunge.com)

4 thoughts on “Just 50 years ago. . .

  1. Yup, grew up in the 60’s too. Remember teachers crying at my grade school when they first learned that JFK was shot, the Beatles on Ed Sullivan shortly after that. My best friend getting a Beatles wig and wearing it on the school bus. Also remember my mom making me sardine sandwiches a lot, and actually liking them. I can’t imagine why now! đŸ™‚

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    1. I remember getting a Beatles wig and wearing it to school. When Coach Haws saw it he jerked it off my head. He didn’t say a word. I never saw it again. I also will never forget exactly where I was at 1:00 on November 22, 1963. And I used to like Spam.

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  2. For some reason, WP is not letting me post a comment. A good post, Steve. Brought back memories. – roger *Roger A. Revell* *816-918-4990 (c)* *revellrar@gmail.com * “The map is not the territory.” – Korzybski


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