Taking scripture out of context

Talk about a stupid, futile thing to do. More times than I care to admit I’ve watched men engaged in discussions (sometimes heated) about scripture. They have their bibles locked and loaded and they’re chomping at the bit to prove their point (and be right) and prove their hapless adversary wrong. I call these scenes “battles of the egos.

A case in point was a bible battle I witnesses between two friends of mine at a men’s retreat. One friend was a committed Christian I had known for years. The other guy was a brand spankin’ new Christian who thought he was a biblical scholar right out of the shoot because he could read the bible and tell you what it said.

These guys swapped biblical barbs for 45 minutes tossing out verses and passages to convince the other guy that he was right.

It was sad. Neither one made a case to prove his point. That’s because taking scripture out of context never works to prove a point or explain what scripture means.

I was visiting a friend in the hospital several years ago and an out-of work pastor came to visit the friend we both knew. He spent 30 solid minutes flipping back and forth between the Old and New testaments pulling out verse after verse trying to convince me that the Masons were a Satanic cult.

He kept going until I finally interrupted him. “Let me ask you a question, John. What on earth difference does it make?

He couldn’t give me an answer. He finally said, “So we’ll know.”

It never benefits anyone to take scripture out of context.

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