No door needed

When you open a door to walk into a crowded room what do you usually do first? Scan the crowd to see who all’s there? Look for folks you ? Immediately begin speaking? Start singing? Tell a joke? Introduce yourself?

Well, on the first day of the week after the resurrection of Christ Jesus wanted to get with his disciples so they could see that he was alive, like he said he would be. The only problem was the disciples weren’t around. They were locked in the upper room hiding from the Jewish leaders. The disciples were fearing the Jewish leaders would be gunning for them now that they thought they’d crucified their head honcho.

All of a sudden Jesus stood among them in their midst. He just appeared. He didn’t knock on the door. He didn’t open the door. He didn’t call to them to let him in. He just appeared in their midst. He didn’t need a door to go through. He just showed up.

And what were the first words out of his mouth? Not, “Hey, guys, how ya doin? or “See, fellas, I’m alive now. My Father raised me from the dead. Isn’t that cool?”

No. What Jesus said to his disciples the very first time they laid eyes on him since his resurrection was much more profound and meaningful to them.

He said “Peace be with you.” After all the drama and uncertainty and lingering doubts his disciples had faced, at that critical moment in their journey, they needed comfort more than anything else. And it came to them directly from the lips of the Creator of the Universe.

“Peace be with you!”

They were being prepared to embark on their missions to take the Gospel message Jesus had taught them to the world.

Again Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.

And when they went they would be traveling with the peace of God.

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