The do-over–marriage therapy

My beautiful wife Marie and I don’t need marriage counseling. Marie and I have a wonderful marriage relationship.

In fact the pandemic has drawn us closer to each other. We have both said at times that our favorite thing to do is to spend time with each other. Despite our closeness, there are those rare occasions when we get off on the wrong track and drive the pickup towards the ditch.

It’s at those times (usually caused by bonehead things I say or do) that one of us asks “Can we have a do-over?” I don’t have a clue why that question is so effective. But it works for us every time. Neither of us has ever denied the other a do-ever when they asked for one. And the response is always calming and positive.

I think it works for us so well because we rarely have very serious arguments (And I can usually solve those relatively quickly with a consolatory, “Yes, Ma’am you’re right.”) Seriously the do-over works and we return to normal. Our Do-overs have helped us avoid problems that could otherwise evolve into much more serious arguments and marital conflict.

I have also learned an invaluable tool for the best way husbands can always avoid any conflict with his wife–GUARANTIED!

Guys, after everything she says, repeat this phrase, “You’re right.” or ” You’re absolutely right.” or “I wish I’d thought of that.”

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