Will Archie Bunker be in heaven?

Archie Bunker

Archie Bunker was the master of malapropisms in the hit TV comedy series, All In The Family on CBS from 1971 to 1979.

If you labeled Archie as opinionated, stubborn, self-absorbed, bigoted, bull-headed, overbearing, pigheaded, prejudiced, biased, conceited, and stubborn, you wouldn’t be wrong.

And I think some folks who watched the show would call those Archie’s good qualities

Archie did not discriminate against any race or group. He lambasted everybody. He referred to all Blacks as “you people.” whether or not he was talking about them or to them. He denounced Jews, he criticized the Germans, he said Catholics were going to hell, he slammed Liberals, he called Puerto Ricans Spics. He had no use for Democrats or Jimmy Carter. He called his son-in-law, Mike an Atheistic pinko Pollock meathead. He wouldn’t allow his family to say anything negative about Gerald Ford or Ronald Reagan.

Everyone or people-group he didn’t like became fodder for his insults, faulty reasoning and malapropisms.

As much as we might think someone like Archie Bunker might be like ants at a picnic in heaven we have to remember who God is and that he is love. God created Archie before the foundations of the world and has always loved him as much as he loves you and me now. God loves Archie Bunker as much as God loves Billy Graham or the Apostle Paul.

And we need to be reminded of God’s promises about heaven. When Archie gets there all that crusty exterior and contrary nature will be gone. He’ll be kind and humble and have a servant’s heart, and he won’t criticize heaven or the weather or the angels and he will love his neighbors. It may be hard for us to imagine at first but he’ll be one of us, just like us for all of eternity. That’s how loving God is.

Some of Archie’s Malapropisms

1) Archie asks “what’s that smell” Gloria tells him that her friend Robin is burning incense. “It smells like a house of illrefute.

2)“They want people like your mother on the jury because they know she doesn’t have any pre-conscrewed ideas

3) “It’s a well known fact that capital punishment is a detergent to crime!”

4) Mike says, “It’s just pelvic construction women are built differently” Archie answers, “Oh please don’t draw me no diaphragms

5) “There’s wide open sex all over the place, but that’s okay that’s just your submissive society!”

6) Talking about rioting in California. Just look at that, bricks and bottles. It’s a regular insuruption.”

7) “Back in my day we learned to keep things in their proper suspective.”

8) “You and that bleeding heart Reverend Fletcher sittin’ up there in that ivory shower.”

9) “Dear Mr. President, your Honor, Sir. As one of your faithful constituionals.”

10) Mike and Archie argue, “It’s not irreverent to the conversation.” Mike corrects him ‘irrelevant” Archie says “What ever, it’s not German to the conversation.”

Archie was opinionated, bigoted, bossy,

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