The bigger, better, more syndrome

Some well meaning believers buy into the living large myth that life would be satisfied and fulfilled (happy) in life if they just had bigger, better more stuff. “A little more money, a better job, a successful family with kids who excel, a coveted neighborhood, a remodeled house, a better car and better vacations. Millions of Christians have settled for the emptiness of worldly pursuits by prioritizing them over the adventure of walking with God and experiencing the transformation He gives.1Whatever we have, it’s never enough.

We think we’d have a happy life if we just had bigger, better and more stuff!

Watch out!

There’s an 800 pound gorilla knocking at your front door–It’s the comparison trap. He’s waiting to disrupt your whole life. If you’re not careful you’ll slide right into his grip. Bigger, better and more are his calling cards. He’d love for you to start comparing your stuff with your neighbor’s stuff. Your kids with his kids. Your money with their money. Your frustrating job with his great job. And on and on and on.

Many Christians buy into the myth of the OCD lifestyle. Living with the OCD– Obsessive Comparison Disorder. And it will ruin you and you family. Don’t buy into it. Remember this: There is no win in comparison. EVER!

Bigger, better and more is a lie, a myth. False hope of a better life you will never find.

Yes, You Really Can Change, Chip Ingram, Moody Publishers, Chicago,  © 2003 pg. 24.

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