If Jesus had  a middle name it could likely have been confrontation.   Every time he turned around he was in a confrontation with somebody. Usually it was  the Jewish bigshots  arguing with Jesus about the law. The Jewish leaders followed Jesus around all the time trying to catch him breaking a Jewish law, like working on the Sabbath, or healing a Leper when the law said not even to touch one.

Well here’s a good example:  One Sabbath Jesus was teaching in the synagogue.  Of course the scribes and Sadducees we’re all watching him to see what he would do. They wanted him to break a Jewish law so they could arrest him or shame him in front of all the Jewish people.

But he knew their thoughts.  Jesus knows everything about everybody all the time. Nothing was is hidden from Jesus. He called the man over to him. The man stood with Jesus. Jesus looked at all of the Jewish bigshots who were watching intently. He asked them a pointed question that pitted Jewish law against the ministry of healing love He was advocating. “Is it lawful on the Sabbath to do good or to do harm to save life or to destroy it?”  Then he looked around at all of them. (I wonder what he must have been thinking about them then?) Jesus told the man to hold out his arm. When he held out his arm it was immediately healed.  The Jewish big shots were furious. They started talking among themselves wondering what they could do to Jesus.

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