God makes no sense sometimes

Sometimes God just doesn’t make any sense. What could He possibly be thinking?

Think about this for a minute: In your opinion, what’s the best news you’ve ever heard? The most exciting, joyous wonderful news we could ever imagine? The advent of The Messiah of course. If you said something else I encourage to go back and read Genesis 1 and 2.

God could have tapped the High Priest for the job of announcing the Messiah. God could have called out Abram or Elijah or Ward Clever (Father always knows best.) Or Billy Sunday or Billy Graham.

But God didn’t. He chose an angel to make the announcement of the most glorious news ever to . . .

Shepherds? Shepherds out in the fields. Keeping watch over their flocks by night.. . . Shepherds.

Shepherds? God, what on earth were you thinking?

These guys were the dregs of society. They were always filthy and smelly. They were peasants, usually sons of farmers. They hung out with sheep all day who smelled worse than the shepherds. Shepherds spent more time outside than inside. But as undesirably as shepherds were in their culture and society. It is interesting to note that Messiah ultimately became the Good Shepherd

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