Snowball’s chance in hell

When the odds against our success seem impossible, just before we start weeping, don’t we have a tendency to say our odds are worse than a snowball’s chance in hell. Have you been there? I have.

Snowball’s cance

Guess what. God will take the snowball’s odds every time.

Think about Elijah and the gods of Baal:

Let’s see. Those odds were Elijah 1–gods of Baal 450. I’d say those were a snowball’s chance? Wouldn’t you?

Gideon had 32,000 soldiers to defeat the Medianites, but God told him that was too many. God pared the soldiers down to 300 to do battle with the whole nation. That’s snowball odds if there ever was any.

Jesus picked out 12 total strangers to be His disciples and carry His Gospel message to the entire world. Let’s see, that would be 1 Savior to 12 add on infinitum believers and the total just keeps multiplying.

The lesson here is crystal clear. Don’t ever bet against a snowball, especially when God has a hold of the snowball.

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