How do you handle stress, anxiety and worry

How are you handling anxiety, worry, stress and emotional frustrations? Indications are that we are not handling them well. Here are some negative ways we try to handle stress that end up making our situations worse.

  1. Use of Alcohol. It is estimated that one in five Americans are now abusing the use of alcohol. This is leading to psychological and physiological problems. The number of people seeking liver transplants in the last two years has gone up 50%.
  2. AViolence. Not knowing how to handle circumstances well has led people to act or react with violence. During this pandemic, we have seen a historic rise in homicides in America. Each day seems to have a lead story about somebody who tried to solve conflict with a gun or weapon. The sad thing is that there are so many young people today who don’t know how to resolve conflict except by using a gun. We know where this can lead.
  3. Loneliness. The very nature of isolation has caused us to spend less time meaningfully relating to other people. Some folks go two or three days and never speak to another human being. Depression is a spiral downward that is the obvious direction loneliness will take you.
  4. Social Media. People have made excessive use of social media to look for answers in making decisions. People who post on social media have little or no accountability. You can take most any subject and find opposing viewpoints from “experts.” This is leading us to a confused society about values and best practices.
  5. Lack of Civility. One of the basic building blocks for our nation was the practice of civility. Today you hear and read terrible things being said about other people. Very few people seem to be listening. We are a nation that’s terribly divided. Nobody is completely right. We must find ways to practice civility, which could be an early step towards bringing about unity.

The sad thing is that national polls are showing that over 80% of Americans are very discouraged and don’t think that a “normal lifestyle” that we enjoyed prior to 2019 can ever return.

That’s simple, isn’t it?But it’s the truth! The word “seek” literally means to give 100% effort to discovering God’s Kingdom perspective. The more we seek God’s way, the more we find peace, joy, and purpose!

There is a proper way to handle worry and anxiety. Jesus has the answer! In Matthew 6:24-34, He gives the answer to anxiety, worry, and all the issues I have mentioned above. It’s summed up in these words: “Seek first the Kingdom of God and the things you need will be given to you.”

You choose how you handle these tough times!

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