The Man Upstairs

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods gave a press conference recently to discus his recovery from a horrible automobile crash earlier this year that almost took his life. The crash did end his active pro golf career. During the Q and A session Woods made this statement, “I guess the Man upstairs was looking out for me. “I guess Woods was using a veiled reference to The Almighty Creator of the universe. But you can’t tell anything by Wood’s calling him “The Man upstairs.” That could be anyone, but it isn’t the God I know and love. Yes, Almighty God did take care of Tiger Woods in that crash and before that crash and before Woods ever thought about picking up a golf club. And God will look out for Woods until the day of reckoning. On that day Woods will hear the same question everyone who is not already a child of God (We’ll already be in heaven.) “Tiger have you accepted Jesus as your Savior? That’s a yes-or no question. Do I know you?” Wood’s answer will determine where he spends eternity.

How would you answer those two questions?

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