Southern Comfort

In the South we’re big on comfort. Especially some of the things we call comfort food. We like to take our time at the dinner table and enjoy our comfort food.

One of the most popular comfort foods in the entire South is the tomato sandwich.

If you’re going to make a true Southern tomato sandwich you have to follow certain standards. For instance you can only use white bread. The tomato slices have to spill over the edges of the bread a bit and the only condiment allowed is mayonnaise (Duke’s is the favored mayo. It was first slathered on a sandwich in Greenville South Carolina in 1917. You recognize the nostalgic connection to the South.

Tomato sandwiches are made in one of two categories:

PremiumA premium tomato sandwich is made exclusively with home-grown, garden variety tomatoes.

GenericA generic tomato sandwich is made with less tasty store-bought tomatoes

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