Testimony from God

A testimony from God

Me: Can I ask you a personal question?

Them: I may choose not to answer.

Me: That’s fine. Ignore it. Walk away. Call me crazy. Tell me it’s none of my business. Whatever.

Them: Okay go ahead.

Me: Do you know Jesus?

If they say YES

Thank them for their candor and acknowledge your relationship with them as brother or sister in Christ. This can initiate further discussions about fellow biblical topics, spiritual topics, or Christian fellowship. The door’s wide open.

At some point make sure to tell them this: Do you realize that if you and I never see each other again after today, we’ll see each other again and be brother/sister in Christ for FOREVER!. THINK OF THAT. Is that awesome or what.

IF THEY SAY NO, they don’t know Jesus, or they say they don’t want to know Jesus, you say, “Let me tell you why that question is so important to your life. Every person on earth will one day die. We can never predict when that will be. You might die right after lunch today. You might live to be 106. We just don’t know.

But the instant you die you’ll meet God standing there and He will ask you one question, are you one of my children? In other words, do you know my Son Jesus? And since you’ve said you don’t. Your fate is settled. You will burn in hell. God will turn a deaf ear to any of your pleas for mercy or a second chance.

How would you like to change your destiny? How would you like to avoid going to hell? How would you like to make sure you go to heaven when you die? We can make that happen right now? Let me pray with you  and we’ll change your destiny forever, or do you still want to go to hell when you die?

Take my hand and lets pray you out of hell and into heaven with Jesus.

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