Counterfeit Christianity–Lifeless works

Sometimes Christians find themselves believing and living a life of counterfeit Christianity.

This type of fraudulent living is never productive. In fact, if you keep practicing it,

it can reek havoc with all your relationships, your work, your marriage and your intimate relationship with God

The inspiration for this series comes from a message from Pastor Trey Hildebrandt at 12Stone church called Christianity is a Lifestyle

Faithless works means doing works without doing them in the name of Jesus. The folks who practice this counterfeit Christianity just want to love others. They say, “I want to show compassion to others. I embrace Christianity and love Jesus. I want a version of Christianity but I don’t want the harsh truths of Jesus, how he defines morality, ethics, forgiveness and life and other aspects of my life..”

Counterfeit faith uses Jesus. Counterfeit works hides Jesus. “Neither counterfeit lifestyle wants Jesus creeping into all the other aspects of life. “

Good works without Jesus misses eternity.

Both counterfeits pull away from Jesus’ core message of salvation and following Him.

Stay tuned to For His glory.

Friday we’ll examine the third counterfeit Christianity–Legalism

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