The Green New Deal bamboozle

I published this post earlier this summer. We need to keep hammering this message home. These left-wing radical climate change and green new deal intellectual snobs are in direct conflict with God and His creation.

They are not unlike scores of other left wing radical, angry, extremists in society devoid of common sense. They rally around some make-believe cause and rebel and protest and burn things and break windows and give word-salad speeches to convince others to think like them.

The green new deal is a hoax and a fraud. There’s no way the green new deal ever happens.

Think about this: Who’s going to make all the parts for electric cars and how will parts be mad?All the climate change and all the green new deal folks will fail.

For one reason–God is in charge of everything. He is sovereign. Nothing that happens ever, that is not under His control.

There is no one besides Me. I am the Lord, and there is no other.” God has no competition in this universe. There is nobody He is trying to wrestle control of this universe from. Psalm 125:2

God will determine what happens in the earth and everything that happens on it when and how. God controls everything that happens in the entire universe.

These green-new dealers and all the climate-changers are claiming “We can do things better than God. Let’s see who’s right in the end.

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