When your daughter suffers


Suffering is never easy. It is amplified when it befalls the family. It can become almost unbearable when the one suffering is a child. Even worse when the suffering child is your only daughter.

My saga of dealing with my daughter’s suffering actually began when Leah married the love of her life, Danny Stephens. I have never seen a couple so much in love as those two were. They doted on each other, and fawned over each other. It was such a joy to see them love each other.

They tried to have a baby naturally. It didn’t work. They tried in-vitro fertilization. And that didn’t work either. They both really wanted a Stephens’ baby. So they collected Danny’s sperm and Leah’s eggs and hoped for another way, another day.

In February, 2021 Leah was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Then, just four months later Leah fixed Danny a bowl of ice cream and took it to him in their bedroom. She went back to check on him a few minutes later. . .

Danny was dead.–a sudden massive heart attack.

Leah’s ovarian cancer treatment is ongoing. She is participating in a trial at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. They told her that surgery for her cancer would be very, very risky.

Leah works in a research project at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Several months ago driving home from work she was in an accident and totalled her car. She broke several bones in her back and had to wear a cumbersome back brace for a month.

Then on August 26 she was admitted back to M.D. Anderson for acute care. They were treating her for pneumonia. For several days she had trouble standing and walking. No pneumonia thank God. She’s better now and is feeling better back home. She goes back to M.D. Anderson on the 18th or 19th to meet with the oncologist to see if the cancer has spread to the lungs.

Please pray for relief and healing for Leah.

Leah and Danny both know Jesus. I know, as sure as I know my own name, that in just a flash Leah and Danny will be reunited and resume the love relationship they started down here, then live together and love each other for all Eternity with God in heaven.

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