Healing impossible situations

Every one will face an impossible situation at least once in their life. If you haven’t yet, one is on its way. Trust me.

When one arrives, it devastates the whole family. Panic, despair and fear settle in. There’s not even a straw to grab on to.

It’s the elephant in the room that won’t go away. It could be a spouse dying from lung cancer.
It could be papers on the kitchen counter your wife brought you to sign to make your divorce final. It could be those bills on the desk you have no idea how you’ll pay them. It could be the miscarriage your daughter-in-law just told you about. It could be your neighbor across the street who had a stroke on Saturday and died on Sunday. Your water heater is leaking all over the garage floor. You’re getting another splitting migraine headache. “God, help! Won’t you do something? All this suffering. And no relief in sight.

Regardless of the severity or duration of your impossible situation, there is only one way to find relief and healing.

Go to Jesus.

Jairus knew that. In Luke chapter 8 his only daughter, just 14, was very sick and was dying. She hadn’t gotten out of bed for a month.

This was Jairus’ impossible situation. But he knew what to do. He trekked across town to find Jesus, who was in the temple. Jesus agreed to go home with Jairus to check on his daughter.

On their way home, some of Jairus’ friends met them on the road. One of them said, “Jairus, we have horrible news. We regret to tell you that your daughter is dead. Jesus said “No she isn’t. She’s not dead, she’s just sleeping.”

Jesus walked into the little girls bedroom. And there lying in the corner in the shadows was the still little figure. Jesus sat on the bed and took her pale hand. He

reached down into death and gently brought the little girl back to life.

She leapt out of bed. Jesus threw open the shutters and sunlight flooded the dark room.

“Hungry, little girl?” Jesus asked. She nodded”.” Jesus called to her family, “Bring this little girl some breakfast.”

And that’s how to heal impossible situations. The only way–with Jesus

Portions of this blog post were taken from The Jesus Storybook Bible, pg. 220



One thought on “Healing impossible situations

  1. Wow, Steven. As I began reading this, I felt a little guilty that I had not had an impossible moment yet. But as I read through your examples, I realized I have had the ‘blessing’ of more than one of them ….. spouse informing me of his plans to file for a divorce, losing both my job and my husband’s job at the same time and trying to pay a mortgage and all the other bills on $49.00 a week, water heater leaking and flooding out the basement – twice, getting Covid, and a storm induced flood that flooded our newly refinished basement and destroying all the hard work and money spent on it – then finding out the insurance we had been paying for was not going to cover the thousands of dollars in damage. Yet, it is amazing that without making that list, I feel as if my life has been a piece of cake compared to some. In the moment, it was difficult. But looking back at the way God has brought us through, makes it seem as if they were trivial nuisances now. Praise God for His mercy and grace!


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