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Child Abuse and Domestic Violence

Thousands of children and women won’t have anything to eat today. Or have anywhere to sleep tonight. Or they’ll be terrified and huddled in a closet so the man mom brought home won’t explode in a fit of drunken, angry abuse.

Not a pretty sight. But it plays out all the time in too many places in America every day and every night. It is a never-ending toxic plight that is eroding our society relentlessly.

Can we cure it? Probably not. The hate and anger and rage is so deeply rooted in the souls of those that abuse that change is virtually impossible

Jesus is the only one who can transform a heart. And abusers often don’t have courage enough to reach out for HIM.

But there is hopeFOR THE ABUSED

Kerri McKenna Reece can help

Find her at Kerri Coaching

Some brave, survivors of abuse themselves, have chosen to share their experience, strength and hope with others living in the aftermath of childhood abuse or in the midst of adult domestic abuses. The long term hope is for victims of abuse to learn the life skills, tools and truths that enable them to rebuild their lives. Skills that will empower them to move beyond the behaviors and people that don’t serve them well. Techniques that commission them to live truly authentic, and unafraid, embracing the life God intended them to live.

Kerri says, “I know the depths of your pain and struggles first hand. I’m a survivor of abuse myself and my journey to recovery led me to become a Certified Professional Life and Trauma Recovery Coach.

“I’ve been where you are and have recovered and survived. Together we can walk the road to your recovery. Free of abuse forever.

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Betty Jean where are you?

It’s 1954.  Central Elementary School. Shenandoah Iowa.

It’s third grade recess. We  boys are playing kickball. The girls are standing around acting silly, gossiping, whispering, . On the sidewalk Betty Jean Davis is standing alone watching. No one is paying her any attention.

Every class has a Betty Jean. Our Betty Jean was poor. Her only dress is faded and a disheveled Goodwill-hand- me down. Hair’s a mess and unkept.  She is sad and very alone. Then the teasing started. The girls were unmerciful and cruel. Betty Jean started laughing at the mocking. She’d rather be laughing with her tormentors than feel the awful sting of shame coursing through her body.

One by one a few of the boys peel away and join the girls teasing Betty Jean. I’m ashamed to say that on this particular day I was one of them.

My mom, who’s spiritual gift was mercy in spades, scolded me that night. “God never teases anybody, Steve,” she said. “God loves everybody, especially children. He loves Betty Jean as much as he loves you, or me or your dad. Now tomorrow when you get to school I want you to apologize to Billy Jean and tell her you’re sorry for teasing her. And I’d better never hear of you ever teasing anyone ever again.”

Well I didn’t apologize. I told mom I apologized, but never confessed to her that I lied.

I didn’t apologize to Betty Jean then but I would fall all over myself apologizing to her today. I have to admit, I’ve carried a degree of shame and regret around with me for 60 years.

Mercy is my main spiritual gift today, in part from the compassion God has given me. My heart breaks when I see or hear of children suffering. I have carried a soft spot for Betty Jean since the third grade.

Betty Jean, I wish I knew where you were today.  I would ask you to forgive me and hug your neck and tell you how much Jesus loves you. Hopefully you already know.  I would love to be brother and sister in Christ with you.

 The first day of fourth grade Betty Jean didn’t show up. No one including the principal or teachers ever knew  what happened to her or her family.