The Cone of Uncertainty

We walk around in a cone of uncertainty every day.

I’m going to write a post on procrastination . . .tomorrow

If you look up “procrastination” in your Funk and Wagnals you’ll see my mug shot. The inscription beneath my photo reads, “If it weren’t for the last minute I wouldn’t get anything done.” Amy Torres wrote about procrastination on the Writing Cooperative today. Mrs. Torres discusses the types of putting off we do.  She suggests […]

Do you suffer from selfie pride?

Selfies can post a danger to us if we’re prideful and careless.

Happy DEpendence Day

  Independence is the exemption from reliance on, or control by others; self-subsistence or maintenance; direction of one’s own affairs without interference. That seems to have worked for the pilgrims who ventured to these shores in the 1700’s. They were oppressed by a tyrannical, possessive British Crown bent on controlling and running the affairs of […]

The best stress relievers. Guaranteed.

Stress touches us all. God’s word provides the best stress relief possible.

I couldn’t survive without my G.P.S.

If you’ll look in your dictionary for “directionally challenged” you’ll see my picture next to the definition. I have to take my granddaughter to Walmart with me to find our car when we leave.  I’ve been lost in our own subdivision before. If it weren’t for my GPS, I’d probably spend most of my time […]

5 + 2

Will you just show up today and allow Jesus to provide for you?

How to pick the right religion

There is no room for religion in the lives of true believers.

The majestic, simple Gospel

The good news of the Gospel is simple enough for a child to understand.

3 things Vacation Bible School taught me

Vacation Bible School always teaches me, as well as precious children in our community, about Jesus.

What’s your TQ–your Trust Quotient?

Life is a choice.  We can trust in what we think is best, or we can trust in God.

When we see The Father for the first time

How will we react when we see God for the first time?

Where will you go when you die?

According to a recent study by the American Culture and Faith Institute, a paltry 30 percent of those claiming to be born again Christians responded that they’d go to heaven because they have confessed their sins and accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. Respondents were given 10 options to choose from, one of which was the […]

How do we get right with God?

Therefore no one will be declared righteous in God’s sight by the works of the law; rather, through the law we become conscious of our sin. But now apart from the law the righteousness of God has been made known, to which the Law and the Prophets testify. This righteousness is given through faith in Jesus Christ […]

Are you doing enough for God?

The operative word in that question is “doing” The Gospel of Jesus Christ turns on that word.  The law is about “doing”.  Grace is about “Being”. Folks who work hard to be a “good Christian” miss the message of Christ’s ministry. (By the way, there’s no such thing as a “good” Christian.) For some (I was […]

God’s free gift of grace, to me, is. . .

Books about God’s grace and what it means and what it will do abound.   Sometimes I like to boil complex topics down into chunks my simple mind can digest. God’s free gift of grace, to me, is . . . Outright Undeserved Totally sufficient Exclusively God’s Eternal Universal–available to all Indiscriminate Spiritually given Spiritually […]

Why can’t we understand “free”?

We’ve been mislead about what is truly “free” by advertising folks

My inevitable but necessary 31-day sabbatical has ended. I am home. I will publish my next “For His Glory” post on Wednesday, May 17.

After a relationship with Christ family is the most important responsibility and blessing we can ever have.

Living under the other shoe

I use to live in a works-oriented salvation.

The Shoes of Peace Aren’t Flip-Flops

I’m so blessed to have discovered  SharaC’s blog, Into the Foolishness of God today.  I was so enamored and moved with the first post I read, I decided to post it here.  I just know my readers will be blessed as well. Y’all visit her site. She’s a committed follower of Jesus and has a flair […]

The Struggle In Today’s Church

How would you like your eggs today, over-easy, scrambled, fried, sunny-side up, soft-boiled, hard-boiled, poached, or shirred?? How about your steak; rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, or well done?? Choice of potatoes? This sounds like questions for a meal in a restaurant right? Can you relate the above questions to today’s Church?

Baskin Robins Christianity

In 1945 two brothers-in-law opened the first Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop in Pasadena, California. They sold 31 flavors, one for each day of the month. Since then the iconic dessert giant boast 7,500 stores worldwide and have created more than 1,000 unique flavors of ice cream. Christianity seems to have adopted the Baskin-Robbins business model. […]

The Church can not be separated from the State

You can not separate the church from the state. The two are inexorably interwoven. Lots of atheists and anti-Christian folks quickly point to the Establishment Clause in our U.S. Constitution as the authority for doing all sorts of litigious anti-church, anti-Christian stuff. The Establishment Clause is the ACLU’s mantra. Our beautiful, powerful, time-honored U.S. Constitution falls […]

Astronomers discover 7 new planets. What’s the big deal?

What’s your definition of “Spectacular”?

She defied death and discovered new life

You can overcome any obstacle in life if Jesus is Lord of your life.

We can’t end racism, stop abortion or save the world for Jesus.

Jesus told us to love one another. “Another” means all those we meet and know.

Ever notice isolation around you?

lets shine our light on others

Sharing scars

Sharing our scars helps us and others heal and give encouragement.

Isaiah 65: a devotional in the Message

I love to read the Message version of the Bible. Not for study, nor for scripture memory. But for its melodic prose.  Some chapters, to me, become devotionals and grist for meditation.  Isaish 65 is one of those.  See if you agree. Isaiah 65 – The People Who Bothered to Reach Out to God 65 1-7 “I’ve made […]

What is the church doing about mental illness?

What can you do to serve families struggling with mental illness.

Go ahead! Take God for granted

Is it acceptable to take God for granted? Of course it is.

Was God’s creation perfect?

God is The Force that creates all things in the universe.

What holds everything together?

What can you point to in the universe that is common to everything?

A young man with the right answers

Do we know who we really are? What would we tell people who asked who we really are?

Do you know another word for “never-ending supply”?

God’s abundance is never ending, like a mighty river.

When is the last time you really blew it?

When does God begin to restore us after we’ve blown it with Him?

Let go (of what?) and let God Response

If we “Let go and let God”, what must we let go OF?

A tinge of guilt

If we wake up with guilt on on conscience, we need to rid ourselves of that toxin before heading into our day.

Are we drifting?

OUr country is rapidly drifting away from God’s pier of security. John Ed offers a suggestion to rescue us.

Sometimes helping loved ones grow up is painful.

Sometimes we have to quit enabling our loved ones and help them grow up by kicking them out.

Go thee into thy closet

I need a quiet place, free of distractions and interruptions, to meet with God every day.

Chained to the past

Jesus is the only one who can break the chains that bind us to our past.

I could get a PhD in “STUPID”

I do lots of stupid things, but God always brings me through them with His grace and mercy.

“Pick up your mat”

God can use our trials to create wonderful testimonies of His faithfulness.

The day my daughter learned to trust me

When we trust wisely with those we learn can really be trusted, we discover we can trust them more and more.

Is Jesus God or not?

Jesus is either God, has he claims in the Bible, or he’s a liar, was not divine, and was bent on deceiving people.