What brand of nacre do you use?

How do deal successfully with irritations

The Cone of Uncertainty

We walk around in a cone of uncertainty every day.

I’m going to write a post on procrastination . . .tomorrow

If you look up “procrastination” in your Funk and Wagnals you’ll see my mug shot. The inscription beneath my photo reads, “If it weren’t for the last minute I wouldn’t get anything done.” Amy Torres wrote about procrastination on the Writing Cooperative today. Mrs. Torres discusses the types of putting off we do.  She suggests […]

Thou shalt love the Lord how much?

“Love the Lord your God with some of your heart and with a little of your soul and with a bit of your strength and with most of your mind.” Luke 10:27. Is that what Jesus said was the greatest commandment? To love God with some of your heart? A little of your soul? A […]

5 + 2

Will you just show up today and allow Jesus to provide for you?

The majestic, simple Gospel

The good news of the Gospel is simple enough for a child to understand.

3 things Vacation Bible School taught me

Vacation Bible School always teaches me, as well as precious children in our community, about Jesus.

When we see The Father for the first time

How will we react when we see God for the first time?

Why forgive?

By Dr. John Ed Mathison Executive Director John Ed Mathison Leadership Ministries After writing recently about forgiveness, I received a lot of responses.  One person said that when he learned to forgive, it was a key that unlocked a future for his Christian growth.  Another person said it was the most important thing he had […]

Why do you read your Bible?

Do you know the Author of the Bible?

How do we get right with God?

Therefore no one will be declared righteous in God’s sight by the works of the law; rather, through the law we become conscious of our sin. But now apart from the law the righteousness of God has been made known, to which the Law and the Prophets testify. This righteousness is given through faith in Jesus Christ […]

Are you doing enough for God?

The operative word in that question is “doing” The Gospel of Jesus Christ turns on that word.  The law is about “doing”.  Grace is about “Being”. Folks who work hard to be a “good Christian” miss the message of Christ’s ministry. (By the way, there’s no such thing as a “good” Christian.) For some (I was […]

God’s free gift of grace, to me, is. . .

Books about God’s grace and what it means and what it will do abound.   Sometimes I like to boil complex topics down into chunks my simple mind can digest. God’s free gift of grace, to me, is . . . Outright Undeserved Totally sufficient Exclusively God’s Eternal Universal–available to all Indiscriminate Spiritually given Spiritually […]

God answered critical Tucson prayer.

God answered our prayers for taking care of our family.

Living under the other shoe

I use to live in a works-oriented salvation.

A tale of two Bibles

Which Bible looks more like your Bible? The Bible on the left  is commonly called a coffee table Bible. It is expensive and looks beautiful. You won’t see any notes or handwriting on its pristine margins. No highlighters have stroked its pages. The problem with a coffee table book is that it’s a coffee table book. It […]

I can do some things through Christ who strengthens me.

We can choose to allow Christ to give us His strength in every thing we choose to do.

Do I have to draw you a picture?

Sometimes we just might have to draw someone a picture to get our point across.

The Shoes of Peace Aren’t Flip-Flops

I’m so blessed to have discovered  SharaC’s blog, Into the Foolishness of God today.  I was so enamored and moved with the first post I read, I decided to post it here.  I just know my readers will be blessed as well. Y’all visit her site. She’s a committed follower of Jesus and has a flair […]

Are you a Sea of Galilee or Dead Sea believer?

What kind of believer do you think you are? The Jordan River rolls through the Middle East for more than 150 miles. The river flows through the Sea of Galilee between Israel and the West Bank on the West, and Jordan and the Golan Heights on the East. Then it empties into the Dead Sea. Where […]

The Struggle In Today’s Church

How would you like your eggs today, over-easy, scrambled, fried, sunny-side up, soft-boiled, hard-boiled, poached, or shirred?? How about your steak; rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, or well done?? Choice of potatoes? This sounds like questions for a meal in a restaurant right? Can you relate the above questions to today’s Church?

Baskin Robins Christianity

In 1945 two brothers-in-law opened the first Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop in Pasadena, California. They sold 31 flavors, one for each day of the month. Since then the iconic dessert giant boast 7,500 stores worldwide and have created more than 1,000 unique flavors of ice cream. Christianity seems to have adopted the Baskin-Robbins business model. […]

Astronomers discover 7 new planets. What’s the big deal?

What’s your definition of “Spectacular”?

It’s been one of those days

When things go South I can run home to Jesus and He will give me peace.

Failure in 2017

Most folks dream up New Years resolutions to be a better person this year than they were last year. Personally I’ve never been a fan of New Years resolutions. I know I’ll break them. Just like most other folks who make them. I have a dear blogging friend who’s worried about failure in 2017. She’s a delightful […]

What resentment can do

If I don’t deal with resentment that creeps into my head, it can become a passion and create a toxic, harmful state of mind. When we feel resentment our bodies become physical wrecks. Stress hormones course through our veins. Resentment can cause the heart rate and blood pressure to rise to sometimes dangerous levels. Resentment can […]

God Bless Atheists This Christmas

Many Atheists are good people and are entitled to believe what they will.

She defied death and discovered new life

You can overcome any obstacle in life if Jesus is Lord of your life.

We can’t end racism, stop abortion or save the world for Jesus.

Jesus told us to love one another. “Another” means all those we meet and know.

Sharing scars

Sharing our scars helps us and others heal and give encouragement.

What is the church doing about mental illness?

What can you do to serve families struggling with mental illness.

Potluck religious stew

Is the church today eating at the wrong table?

Was God’s creation perfect?

God is The Force that creates all things in the universe.

A young man with the right answers

Do we know who we really are? What would we tell people who asked who we really are?

Do you know another word for “never-ending supply”?

God’s abundance is never ending, like a mighty river.

Could you go an entire day without breaking at least 1 of the 10 commandments?

Could we go through one 24-hour day without breaking at least one commandment?

“I wish I hadn’t done that.”

Why do we say and do things that cause us to feel guilt and shame for doing or saying?

Do you have a big but?

I’m not getting personal here. I’m not talking about your posterior. I’m talking about your perspective of your posterior–your real but. In his book, The Rest of the Gospel, author Dan Stone writes a chapter called, “The Holy But”¹. Stone writes that the Holy But originated in the Garden of Gasthemene, “Going a little farther, […]

Is Jesus God or not?

Jesus is either God, has he claims in the Bible, or he’s a liar, was not divine, and was bent on deceiving people.

What if atheists and non-believes are right?

Non-believers and believers can not both be right about God and eternal life.

My brush with death

God performed a bone fide miracle Saturday in front of a dozen witnesses. PANTHER CREEK PARK–CLARKSVILLE, GA – I almost died here Saturday. My six-year-old granddaughter and I were hiking with a group of 30 kids and parents from our church in this beautiful North Georgia recreational area. The trail was not our friend. The […]

Dear Mom, I missed you yesterday

I missed being with my mom in church yesterday. I can’t believe it’s been 11 years since Jesus took her home to be with Him.

Antidote for low self esteem–Guaranteed

Folks with low self-esteem issues have a guaranteed antidote that can work right away to free them from negative feelings and self-loathing.

Have you ever mumbled to yourself and said. . .

Self-deprecating thoughts we hear don’t come from God. Nor do they come from us. Satan hurls them at us straight from the pit of hell.

It’s Friday. But Sunday’s Comin’

It’s Friday. But Sunday’s comin’!

You might be a Pharisee if . . .

Do you think we all might have a little bit of Pharisee in us at times?

How can anything so beautiful be so nasty?

We used to have a bradford pear tree in our front yard. In Spring when it bloomed, it was stunningly beautiful. The blossoms were snug and plentiful. From a distance the foilage looked like snow in the branches. But when the blooms fell off our bradford pear tree it became an evil nuisance. Pollen from […]