What brand of nacre do you use?

How do deal successfully with irritations

3 steps to end hatred

We can’t heal hate until we admit we hate.

I’m going to write a post on procrastination . . .tomorrow

If you look up “procrastination” in your Funk and Wagnals you’ll see my mug shot. The inscription beneath my photo reads, “If it weren’t for the last minute I wouldn’t get anything done.” Amy Torres wrote about procrastination on the Writing Cooperative today. Mrs. Torres discusses the types of putting off we do.  She suggests […]

Do you suffer from selfie pride?

Selfies can post a danger to us if we’re prideful and careless.

Are you in or are you out?

When it comes to belonging to Jesus, we’re either all in or all out.

Clawing my way out of a black hole . . .of my own making

A black hole’s gravity sucks in everything it nears. Nothing escapes it’s pull,  not even light. When a writer gets sucked into that abyss, nothing escapes.  It’s a dark, lonely place. Words just won’t come. It’s not writer’s block. Writer’s block is not self imposed. Thinking obstacles, distractions and lapses in concentration cause writer’s block. […]

Thou shalt love the Lord how much?

“Love the Lord your God with some of your heart and with a little of your soul and with a bit of your strength and with most of your mind.” Luke 10:27. Is that what Jesus said was the greatest commandment? To love God with some of your heart? A little of your soul? A […]

Happy DEpendence Day

  Independence is the exemption from reliance on, or control by others; self-subsistence or maintenance; direction of one’s own affairs without interference. That seems to have worked for the pilgrims who ventured to these shores in the 1700’s. They were oppressed by a tyrannical, possessive British Crown bent on controlling and running the affairs of […]

5 + 2

Will you just show up today and allow Jesus to provide for you?

Must we confess our sins to be forgiven?

One of the hallmark Bible principles we taught our 4th and 5th graders in VBS this year was that Christ died for ALL our sins, the sins we have committed or ever will commit. We told them there is not a single sin you could ever struggle with that has not already been forgiven at […]

3 things Vacation Bible School taught me

Vacation Bible School always teaches me, as well as precious children in our community, about Jesus.

When we see The Father for the first time

How will we react when we see God for the first time?

Why do you read your Bible?

Do you know the Author of the Bible?

How do we get right with God?

Therefore no one will be declared righteous in God’s sight by the works of the law; rather, through the law we become conscious of our sin. But now apart from the law the righteousness of God has been made known, to which the Law and the Prophets testify. This righteousness is given through faith in Jesus Christ […]

God’s free gift of grace, to me, is. . .

Books about God’s grace and what it means and what it will do abound.   Sometimes I like to boil complex topics down into chunks my simple mind can digest. God’s free gift of grace, to me, is . . . Outright Undeserved Totally sufficient Exclusively God’s Eternal Universal–available to all Indiscriminate Spiritually given Spiritually […]

God answered critical Tucson prayer.

God answered our prayers for taking care of our family.

Why can’t we understand “free”?

We’ve been mislead about what is truly “free” by advertising folks

Living under the other shoe

I use to live in a works-oriented salvation.

Do I have to draw you a picture?

Sometimes we just might have to draw someone a picture to get our point across.

How do we know the one true Church?

The post, The Church can not be separated from the State sparked a few interesting reader comments. Seems I “mis-wrote” (See footnote 1 below) my thoughts. So here’s a stab at clarification. Several comments seemed to suggest I didn’t adequately explain what I believe THE Church is. If you look up “church” in your Merriam Webster you’ll find a […]

Astronomers discover 7 new planets. What’s the big deal?

What’s your definition of “Spectacular”?

Failure in 2017

Most folks dream up New Years resolutions to be a better person this year than they were last year. Personally I’ve never been a fan of New Years resolutions. I know I’ll break them. Just like most other folks who make them. I have a dear blogging friend who’s worried about failure in 2017. She’s a delightful […]

Sharing scars

Sharing our scars helps us and others heal and give encouragement.

What is the church doing about mental illness?

What can you do to serve families struggling with mental illness.

Potluck religious stew

Is the church today eating at the wrong table?

Go ahead! Take God for granted

Is it acceptable to take God for granted? Of course it is.

Was God’s creation perfect?

God is The Force that creates all things in the universe.

Some encouraging words

I need to read some encouraging words today. How about you?

Bobby Kennedy’s speech on Martin Luther King’s assassination

We need the MLK kind of love and leadership to bring about unity in our country

Why did you accept Christ as your Savior?

What reason can you give for choosing to accept Jesus Christ as your Savior?

Will public libraries ban the Bible?

Would banning Bibles from libraries and schools stop the Gospel message from getting out or stifle God’s plans for us?

Have you ever mumbled to yourself and said. . .

Self-deprecating thoughts we hear don’t come from God. Nor do they come from us. Satan hurls them at us straight from the pit of hell.

You might be a Pharisee if . . .

Do you think we all might have a little bit of Pharisee in us at times?

Spit before you dig

If you’re buried in an avalanche, experts say todig a small hole and spit

Anger is one letter short of Danger

By Dr. John Ed Mathison Executive Director John Ed Mathison Leadership Ministries I was preaching in a revival February 28 – March 1, 2016 at First Baptist Church in Eufaula.  Dr. Ken Bush has invited me every third year for the past 18 years.  Jay Wolf at First Baptist in Montgomery also goes regularly.  I […]

Meekness: A Fruit Of The Spirit

Can we think of meekness as power? Our culture certainly wouldn’t agree with that. In fact, as I see it, our culture regards meekness as negative. I think they’d rather promote self esteem rather than the power we can manifest through the power of Jesus dwelling in us. Jesus urges us in Matthew 11:29-30 to, […]

Have A “Mary” Christmas

She was a teenager. A virgin. Engaged to be married. She lived a life of quiet faithfulness to God. We don’t read that she was extraordinarily beautiful, nor wise. Nor rich. Nor from royalty. Mary, the mother of Jesus, was, by all accounts, extraordinarily ordinary. After Gabriel announced to Mary that she had found favor […]

What’s A Christian To Do?

Who do you trust today and why?

A Simple Song With A Powerful Promise

My high school graduating class is hosting our 50th class reunion in a few weeks (Shenandoah Iowa, class of 1965). Pressing family matters wprevent me from attending. One of my classmates, who won’t be able to attend the reunion either, wrote a message to those who will. Wes Smith is a retired Church of the […]


Atlanta area mom faces future after doctors amputate both feet and one hand.