Mission Statement

Until 2010 I wrote posts on diverse secular, social and political topics. Many were cynical and tongue-in-cheek. One day as I was planning a post God spoke crystal-clearly to me, “I want you to write for me.”

That day I changed the name of my blog to “For His Glory”. A friend helped me re-design my blog and masthead. Since then I only write posts with messages I believe God gives me.

Soon after that God gave me my mission statement. It is simply . . .

To help us all know, understand, believe and live out of our true identity in Christ to glorify God.

I intend for every FHG post to reflect one or more segments of my mission statement.

I was a believer and follower of Jesus for almost 30 years before I discovered my true identity in Christ. If you’d like to read about the day it happened, click here.