What’s your TQ–your Trust Quotient?

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Eternity. What a concept!

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Hang in there

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Be Fruitful And Multiply

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God Alone

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What’s A Follower To Do?

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Do You Have “Get-There-Itis”?

By Ron Hutchcraft
Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc.

Well, somehow I ended up speaking for the FAA Pilot Safety program. Now, you really wouldn’t want to fly in a plane that I taught anyone to fly; I don’t know nothing about it. But I think they invited me because of a book Continue reading

Don’t Mess With The Jews Part 2

Yesterday in part 1 of Don’t Mess With The Jews I made this statement:“If the United States doesn’t cultivate and maintain friendly and supportive relations with Israel, Continue reading

God’s Plan For Man Unfolds From Genesis To Revelation

God gives us evidence of His perfect plan for man on earth in Scripture. What he started with Abraham in Genesis He finishes with Himself and the Lamb of God in Revelation.

God has two plans for man. The first is Continue reading