The Church can not be separated from the State

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What If. . .

What if ACLU or atheist lawsuits were successful in removing God’s name from public view, even on church signs?

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Mickey Mouse Is A Fraud

Is Mickey Mouse more popular than Jesus?

Mom and Dad, if you’re reading this post, it might be best to send your small children out of the room.  I’ll give you a minute or two . . .

. . .ho hum . . . la de dah . . .

. . . chili weather we’re having isn’t it . . .

. . . is 2013 here already? My how time flies . . .

Okay, I didn’t want you all holding me responsible for bursting any of your kids’ bubbles, but Mickey Mouse is a fraud. He’s a fake. He’s phony. He’s a myth.

If he were a real mouse he sure wouldn’t dress up in red Bermuda shorts. He wouldn’t wear white gloves and ugly bulbous shoes. Who ever saw a mouse with ridiculous Continue reading