Knowing and Believing — The Great Divide

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What’s the difference between knowing and believing?

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“Religious Freedom” Is An Oxymoron

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When God Said No

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Walk To Emmaus–Four Part Series

Tuesday, November 6, we begin a four-part series on the Road to Emmaus.

We will follow the journey of two travelers who witnessed the crucifixion and burial of Jesus in Jerusalem. Continue reading →

Struggling For Acceptance

Struggling for acceptance is often associated with alcoholics or drug addicts in their recovery. Lots of people who Continue reading →

Planets And Pinheads

What do you say to someone you meet who claims God doesn’t exist?

Do you quote Genesis or Revelation? Or John 3:16? Do you rattle off a bunch of reasons why they should believe in God? Do you share your testimony? Do you smack them over the head with your Bible?

The folks I have met who claim God doesn’t exist are either Continue reading →