Are you a Sea of Galilee or Dead Sea believer?

What kind of believer do you think you are? The Jordan River rolls through the Middle East for more than 150 miles. The river flows through the Sea of Galilee between Israel and the West Bank on the West, and Jordan and the Golan Heights on the East. Then it empties into the Dead Sea. Where […]

What a beautiful attitude!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could have this attitude every day in every? way?

Bored, Burned Out, Broken or Blessed

How would ou describe your church experience?

Preparing For Your Calling–God’s Blessings

I read a message recently. A woman was complaining to God about her trials when she heard Him say, “Don’t give the devil glory. Give me the glory.” The devil throws a lot at us, but his attacks are nothing compared to all the glory and blessings God provides for those who follow Him with all their hearts.