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I deleted a post

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What ever happened to “Discussion”?

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For His Glory 2013 Season Preview

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Comment Rekindles Gay Marriage Discussion


Thank You, Readers

As 2011 begins to set in the Western skies I want to thank you, all my loyal readers.  Thank you for subscribing to my blog, or just stopping by occasionally to read a devotional or two.

I have been fortunate to count among my readers folks from as close as my own neighborhood and as far away as Columbia and Argentina as well as The Philippines and Azerbaijan. Your readership has been a blessing and all your comments have warmed my heart.  Writing devotionals has been a dream of mine since I began my writing career back in 1971.

I have made a boatload of friends, and I’ve read blogs from some of the best writers inside or outside the blogosphere. The bloggers with whom I’m associated have blessed me, made me laugh, made me think and made me cry.  Some have inspired me to keep writing and hone my skills.

God gave me my writing skills, and He wants me to use them for His glory.

That is the only goal I have. It’s my sole purpose for writing — to glorify Almighty God. He gets all the credit for the writing, because my gifts all come from Him.  And He gets all the glory.

Thanks again for all your support and readership in 2011.

I hope to see you all again in 2012. May God richly bless you all.

In Jesus precious name,
Steven Sawyer


Top 10 Reasons People Blog

Latest figures guesstimate more than 450 million bloggers post something in the blogosphere. Actual statistics are difficult to derive because bloggers are fluid. The numbers change every day. Many blogs go dormant for a variety of reasons. We may never know how many blogs are out there in the blogosphere.  Google may not even be able to figure it out. Continue reading


Celebrating 100 posts

My post, “How Heavy Is Your Cross?”  was my 100th post on this blog.
It’s been a great ride with lots of comments, lots of feedback and lots of joy for me.
Thank all of you for tuning in.  We have some new stuff planned for the near future that I hope you will like.
Again, thanks for tuning in and let’s blog on, Baby!