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“I’m sorry”–now a “Christian” cliche

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Letter to Millennials from the Frustrated Church

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Will public libraries ban the Bible?

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If my people . . .

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He Never Invited Her To Church

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My Sincere Apology To Gays

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Who Are The “Many”?

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Team Player

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About A Cure For Zombies

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The Muslim Challenge

By Dr. John Ed Mathison
Executive Director
John Ed Mathison Leadership Ministries

How important is prayer? We would quickly say that it is extremely important in the Judeo-Christian heritage.

But look how seriously Muslims are taking the responsibility to pray. They have a five times a day ritual, Continue reading

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Why The Church Exists


Planned Parenthood About Race

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All Roads Lead To Heaven


Christians “Flabbergast” Atheist

This story by Rich Flowers appeared in the Athens, Texas Athens Daily Review on March 20. Despite being a 63-year-old avowed atheist cab driver, the folks in this Henderson County, Texas showed their community, and this atheist, the love of Christ. We all need to serve and love “all” others like these folks did. Continue reading


Clinging To The Vine

Tarzan, the ape-man of the jungle, performed all his feats of strength and bravery by clinging to an intricate system of vines. He swung from the west side to the upper east side of the jungle at will. No lights. No traffic jams. Saving damsels in distress, foiling poachers, saving animals, catching bad guys. All his good works (his purpose in life) made possible because Tarzan knew the importance of clinging to the vine.

Continue reading