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What’s A Christian To Do?

Eat To Live

My “Eat To Live” Regimen Begins Today

me mugshotsHere I am. At my heaviest weight ever: 238 pounds. Today, July 1, I begin my Eat To Live program. Based on Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s best selling book, Eat To Live. A friend recommended the book to me after he read it and lost more than 50 pounds in less than six months, and has kept it off.

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Our Authentic Follower’s Do-Not-Do List

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What If. . .


How’s Your Vision?


Five-Talent Servants


Faith In Captivity — Part III

Today we are posting the third message in a three-part series by guest blogger Bryan Ridenour. Bryan is a Christian, a husband, a father  of four, and a music/youth pastor, and occasional blogger at brvan.com.  He writes his blog, “as the opportunity presents itself,” he says. “I enjoy writing short stories, poetry, and biblical studies, genres that I hope God uses to encourage other believers. “

Living a life of faith opens opportunities for ministry

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