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Where Is The Church Headed?

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My response to the tragic murders in Dallas, Orlando, San Bernadino and beyond

Editor’s Note: I wrote this blog post two days before the
police murders in Baton Rouge.

A fellow blogger on Bloggermeetup.com challenged us to write a blog post conveying our thoughts and feelings about the killings in Dallas, Orlando, San Bernardino and beyond. Here I goes . . .

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Confessions Of A Former Card-Carrying Republican

Hi. My name is Steve Sawyer and I’m a non-politic.

I used to carry my Republican credentials proudly in my billfold and flash my card in public. In every election but a few since I could legally vote I pulled the Republican lever in the voting booth. I listened to conservative talking heads beat up on liberals and Democrats. I discovered the conservative right is as extreme and polarized as the liberal left.

That’s when I became a non-politic. They say you’re not supposed to mix politics and religion (No one has ever told me who “they” are). But I think politics and religion fit together perfectly. Both embrace performance-based acceptance. Both condemn and shun anyone with an opposing viewpoint. Both think they’re better than their neighbors. Both depend on archaic rules, traditions and customs. They both want to convince you that they’re right and everyone else is wrong. Both want to convince you that they have all the answers to all the questions in all the world. Both survive by making grandiose promises. They both strive to make folks feel good. Both have their roots in Pharisaic dogma masquerading as truth and moral correctness.

I think I’ll stick to calling myself a non-politic authentic follower of Jesus. He wasn’t about politics or religion either. Thank God.

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Our Culture Redefined Tolerance

My blogging friend, Lyn posted this on her website. I thought it was appropriate for our culture and the “church” today, so I decided to re-post it here on For His Glory.


It is a wonderful thing to have a good ending. Sometimes we may not have a great beginning. Continue reading

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God Elected The President

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Liar Liar, Pants On Fire

By Bryan Ridenour

Bryan writes one of my favorite blogs.  He is a husband, father of four and youth and children’s pastor in the heart of the Bible belt. I know you will enjoy reading this the day before we vote.


I consider “The Princess Bride” a movie classic.  The film provides a myriad of quotable lines but one of my favorite exchanges occurs between “Valerie” and “Miracle Max”: Continue reading


That Darn Bush

Please note: A bone fide, card carrying liberal reporter on a bone fide liberal newspaper wrote this story.

Barack Obama is setting a record-setting number of records during his first year in office.

Largest budget ever. Largest deficit ever. Largest number of broken promises ever. Most self-serving speeches ever. Largest number of agenda-setting failures ever. Fastest dive in popularity ever.

Wow. Talk about change.

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Open Letter To My Liberal Democrat Friends

I deeply regret that some of the things I post about Obama and his Democratically controlled Congress make you uncomfortable or angry. Some of you who write me comments and emails seem to be offended and take my remarks personally. I’m sorry you get so upset and respond so defensively.

I’d like to offer a few thoughts for you to consider as you read this letter and my future posts and tweets:

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Debating Liberal Facebook Friend Invigorating

A former classmate of mine I’ve known since elementary school is a liberal. Karen married one and I think he converted her. She and I have exchanged pleasantries and a few political barbs on our Facebook wall posts. Some of the exchanges have grown a bit spicy. She calls me a far-right columnist and I call her a bleeding-heart liberal extremist.

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