Baskin Robins Christianity

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“Religious Truth” Is An Oxymoron

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Baskin Robbins Christianity

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Welcoming Differences, Avoiding Division; Part 2

Issues and Opinions: Welcoming Differences, Avoiding Division – Part 2

Free to be different

By Rob Morley

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Baskin Robbins Christianity Part II

In Baskin Robbins Christianity Part I we discussed the multitude of “Christian” beliefs, denominations, ways of worship, varieties of Bibles and more. We found so many differing and conflicting ideas about Christianity that it’s impossible to define a Christian of Christianity. Continue reading

Baskin Robbins Christianity

What’s your favorite flavor of Christianity? There’s so many to choose from. If you don’t like one flavor of church, you can find another flavor down the block. You’ve got more than 41,000 flavors of Christianity to choose from. Continue reading


No matter how hard I try to figure things out and understand life. . . Continue reading