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Here’s a couple of probing questions for you:

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Made To Multiply

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When Jesus Said No

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A Perfect Memory


The Gift Of Storms

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Staying Out All Night

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Can Homosexuals Be Christians? Sure They Can!

Anyone can call themselves a “Christian”.

I read some posts Tuesday on LinkedIn from a man who wrote a series called “Gay Christianity: My Tsunami”  The gist of the series conveyed this man’s change of heart from someone who adamantly denied a Christian could be gay, to someone who could accept a homosexual claiming to be a Christian.

The discussion drew a number of comments, including one from me. Members who commented focused their responses on Continue reading

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Road To Emmaus–He’s Alive!

Author’s Note: This post concludes our four-part series on our relationship with Jesus. As a reference we have studied how two men responded to Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. We have walked with them as they return from Jerusalem to their home in a small town seven miles away. On the Road to Emmaus Jesus encounters them and changes their lives. Continue reading

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Dull In The Skull

This is the second post in my four-part series, Road to Emmaus.

Last week we examined two disciples who had witnessed the crucifixion and resurrection. They hung out with Jesus followers, but now, they were going home. Their hearts were heavy and they were sad. They thought Jesus would be the One Continue reading

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Baskin Robbins Christianity–Part IV

By this all men will know . . .

We’ve wrestled with “Christian” and “Christianity”  this whole series. We’ve said it’s impossible to define. We’ve said you can call yourself a Christian and believe, or disbelieve…or do, or not do, just about anything you want. Continue reading


Tension Between Grace And Truth Part II


Can I Borrow Your Donkey?




Was Jesus A Liar?

Was Jesus a liar?
He made some outrageous claims during his ministry preaching and teaching.
In John 14:1-12, Jesus says these things, “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, trust also in me. In Father’s house are many rooms (“mansions” in the KJV); if it were not so I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you Continue reading