Resurrection Monday

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It’s Friday. But Sunday’s Comin’

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Shouting time

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I was there. At the empty tomb. Really!

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I’ve decided I don’t like “Easter”

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Resurrection Monday

4-5-2015 10-30-23 PMChristians across the world come together on a single Sunday in Spring and call it Easter–when our traditions mark the day Jesus rose from the dead. Resurrection Sunday.

His resurrection is our resurrection as well. His story of new life is our story of the new life Jesus gave us. Without the resurrection we have no new life. Without the resurrection we have no story to tell. The resurrection is the pivotal focus of our story.

We can’t share the Gospel without sharing the resurrection and what it means to us. We can’t serve others, we can’t witness, we can’t love others without it. Let’s not limit our celebration of Christ’s resurrection to one Sunday in Spring.

Every day for us is resurrection day. Every day for us is an opportunity to celebrate that empty tomb and those grave clothes folded neatly on the stone slab. Every day is a day to remember Christ’s crucifixion, burial and resurrection.


I Was There. At The Empty Tomb! Really!

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Two Completely Different Days

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I’ve Decided I Don’t Like “Easter”

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How To Win Over Sin

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What If No One Saw The Lily?

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Read The Whole Message

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+ELS–Awesome Law Week On For His Glory

What a blog post line up next week on For His Glory!

Monday, February 18 — I Fought The Law And The Law Won

Tuesday, February 19 — When Jesus Broke The Law

Wednesday, February 20 — Big Bad Mr. “If”

Thursday, February 21 — What If No One Saw The Lily?

Friday, February 22 — What Is The Law And Why Do We Have It? Part I

Monday, February 25 — What Is The Law And Why Do We Have It? Part II

We’ve got a great week of God’s Truth posts lined up next week on a critically important topic in God’s Word. Those who are seeking Continue reading →

Fourth Day

Imagine with me for a minute.

It’s Monday.

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How Heavy Is Your Cross?

Easter is a time we remember the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross at Golgotha.  It is a time many folks, who only come to church once or twice a year, get to hear the real Gospel story. Pastors focus messages on the reason for, and blessings of, Christ’s death on the cross. It is a happy time.  It’s a time for celebrating the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Easter is a “feel good” day. Continue reading →