Can we be in two places at once?

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Clawing my way out of a black hole . . .of my own making

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Spit before you dig

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“I’m Doing The Best I Can”

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Pushing Through The Veil

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Those Awful Flesh Patterns

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Fighting With My Flesh

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Walking In The Flesh Or The Spirit

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If only . . .

If only we had more money . . .
If only our son would come home . . .
If only my husband would stop drinking . . .
If only I had taken that last job offer. . .
If only this pain would stop. . .
If only our daughter would dress like a lady . . .
If only our pastor would stop harping on sin . . .
If only I could stop smoking. . .
If only we had a nicer house. . .

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Visibility: Zero

If I get caught driving behind an 18-wheeler, or one of those monster family vans, my blood pressure spikes.

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Can You Be In Two Places At Once? Yes!

Most parents support their teenagers’ sporting events. We go to games, volunteer in the concession stand, serve on boards, umpire, coach, et al.

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