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Chained to the past

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Grace means . . .

Editor’s Note:Grace means . . .” was written by Sparrow Girl on her blog over at Underthewaterfallofgrace It appears on here home page sidebar. She’s been one of my favorite blogging friends for years. She and I share the same passion for our true identity in Christ. She writes about it beautifully. Be blessed, my precious readers.

Grace means there are no demands on you today..you do not need to ‘do’ anything or ‘become’ anything – you already ARE all you were meant to be, as a gift (something given, not worked for, something already yours, experienced and enjoyed here and now by simple faith – by seeing it is yours), by Jesus’ work on your behalf.

You already ARE righteous, loved, accepted, at peace with God, empowered, free from sin’s power, strong, holy, pure, and ONE with God, together with Him forever.

You are His child, included in the royal family, and the inheritance is yours in Christ!

There is nothing left for you to do because Jesus did it all and will manifest it all in you! You are free! Free to enjoy a love relationship with the most Perfect Love of all – HIM!

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Evidence Of “Religious Freedom” Oxymoron

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“Religious Freedom” Is An Oxymoron

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What Grace Means To Me

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Seeking God Alone

Editor’s Note: As I surfed Christian blogs recently, I discovered Karen Foster’s About page. In a few words she crafted probably the most concise, accurate description of our true identity in Christ I have ever read. Karen is an Auburn, California-based freelance writer and women’s minister. Are you seeking God alone? Or are you stuck in performance oriented, rules-based “good Christian” bondage? Enjoy.

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Religious Freedom — An Oxymoron

A friend of mine emailed me some pictures of billboards going up somewhere in Tennessee for a certain political party. Two of the billboards suggested that if we choose their political candidate, America would have “Religious Freedom”.

I don’t want religion. Do you? Continue reading