I’m okay. You’re okay. It’s okay. Okay?

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Belief Or Behavior

At a men’s retreat some years ago two of my brothers spent most of the weekend, Bibles in hand, arguing law vs. grace and salvation vs. condemnation, what Revelation really meant and on and on and on.

I think their unspoken goal was to see who knew more about the Bible and theology. They volleyed back and forth agreeing and disagreeing with each other for uninterrupted hours. Defending their beliefs. Quoting scriptures. Persuading. Defining. Describing.

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Lessons From A Laundromat

This is a great blog.  Besides writing my blog, I love reading blogs from other bloggers and followers. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Debbie’s, Lessons From A Laundromat. She’s witty as well as Continue reading →

Life Does Not Begin At Conception

Life does not begin at conception.

Are you going to believe what God says, or are you going to believe what you think, or what some doctors speculate and theorize?

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Planets And Pinheads

What do you say to someone you meet who claims God doesn’t exist?

Do you quote Genesis or Revelation? Or John 3:16? Do you rattle off a bunch of reasons why they should believe in God? Do you share your testimony? Do you smack them over the head with your Bible?

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Before You Die, What . . .?

Some of the men in our church are participating in a Bible study from Men’s Fraternity called The Search For Authentic Manhood. Here’s what the website says about the study:

Men’s Fraternity is a series of three one-year-long studies, beginning with The Quest for Authentic Manhood, followed by Winning at Work and Home, and ends with The Great Adventure. Men’s Fraternity provides men with an encouraging process that teaches them how to live lives of authentic manhood as modeled by Jesus Christ and directed by the Word of God.

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The Message In The Message Is The Message

God is the one who calls His children. God is the one who reveals Himself to each of us. Is one way better than another? Is one Bible better than another? Is one TV pastor or evangelist better than another?

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