The majestic, simple Gospel

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The other cheek

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The Shoes of Peace Aren’t Flip-Flops

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The Mountain Gospel

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Reading The Signs

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Walking Billboards

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The First Evangelist

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A New Creation In Christ

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The Beautiful Death Of American Gospels

By Bryan Daniels
Blogger at Chiefoftheleast

I remember Juan.

He was a retired Puerto Rican doctor in his seventies who spent his retirement pouring out his life for the people in the slums of Caguas. His mission house fed the poor a warm Continue reading →

The Church: Harlot Or Bride? Megachurches Marketing To Consumers

A Colorado Springs megachurch pastor became disillusioned when he began to follow on Twitter around a dozen high-profile pastors whose ministries he respected. Continue reading →

We Deliver

By John Ed Mathison
Director, John Ed Mathison Leadership Ministries
Montgomery, Alabama

Michael Hawthorne is from Somerdale, New Jersey, and drives an eighteen wheeler. He travels across the country. He delivers cargo.

He also delivers more than cargo. During his driving experience, he has delivered three babies! That is what I call real multitasking! Continue reading →

Saint, Not Sinner

What usually happens when someone pays you a compliment? See if any of these responses fits you. Continue reading →

Can You Be In Two Places At Once? Yes!

Most parents support their teenagers’ sporting events. We go to games, volunteer in the concession stand, serve on boards, umpire, coach, et al.

When three of our kids were teenagers, we tried to go to all Continue reading →