May I have a word with you?

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William Safire’s Rules For Better Writing

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Top 10 Obsolete Grammar Rules

A fellow blogger, friend and lover of the English language, Brenda Bernstein at The Essay Expert, asked me to write a guest blog.

I blogged about 10 grammar rules we no longer have to follow. They are obsolete. As writers we are no longer shackled by these once-cast-in-stone axioms that gave our blue-haired English teachers delight when they stroked them with their red pens.

Mrs. DeLong, this blog is dedicated to you.

Follow this link to The Top 10 Obsolete Grammar Rules. Enjoy this humorous stroll through these outdated rules we can all enjoy breaking now with impunity.

NOTE: The Essay Expert specializes in resumes and cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, college application essays and professional bios. The Essay Expert delivers prompt, personal service and superior results on every project, according to their website, and are dedicated to the success of their clients.

You Better Learn Text Speak NOW!

What if you got a text message like this one:

CM AEAP. ICBW but AFAIK TTBOMK something is up at work. IMS and it’s NBD but the boss is LOL at you, IYKWIM. WAI!  YBDARFC! There’s probably NBIF but YNK. Can you RBTL? I just wanted to let you know B/C you are AIMP. TTFN T2YL.

If you don’t know text speak today you’ll be SOL tomorrow!

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What’s your favorite word? Mine is “stuff”

Stuff is one of our language’s most adorable multipurpose words. It is short but packed with useful applications. It is balanced: two consonants—one vowel–two consonants, which appeals to all those symmetry buffs. It offers a mixture of sounds, beginning with the soft “s” sound and ending with the always gentle “double-f” sound, as in fluff and puff. It also uses the staccato, tough-sounding “t.” You would be hard pressed to find a much more useful word that is so much fun to say.

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Journalism — not what it used to be

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