Ever notice isolation around you?

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The Big Bang. Fact. Not Theory.

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Let There Be Light

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Believers: 1 Atheists: 0

Author’s Note: The following dialogue occurred between an antagonistic, atheist college professor and a student who was a believer in Jesus Christ.  I saw this on the friend of a friend of a friend’s blog. I have no idea whether it is authentic or not. My takeaway from this dialogue was a renewing of my mind about the authenticity of the Gospel and the importance of standing up for the Truth. Continue reading

Fascinating Light

What’s always fascinated me about light is the speed with which it travels. Think of this. I remember watching a tennis match last summer on the lawn at Wimbledon in England. They said the match was broadcast “live.” I was watching Continue reading

Faith In Captivity — Part III

Today we are posting the third message in a three-part series by guest blogger Bryan Ridenour. Bryan is a Christian, a husband, a father  of four, and a music/youth pastor, and occasional blogger at brvan.com.  He writes his blog, “as the opportunity presents itself,” he says. “I enjoy writing short stories, poetry, and biblical studies, genres that I hope God uses to encourage other believers. “

Living a life of faith opens opportunities for ministry

Question: What nudged a valiant warrior, a decorated army officer…a national hero to consider the suggestion of a lowly servant girl? Continue reading

Bin Laden Is Dead; But God Lives On

I don’t presume to be knowledgeable enough to contribute anything significant to the discussions about OBL’s assassination or what his assassination means. I am grateful He is dead and my prayer is that his thousands of victims can now feel some measure of closure. Continue reading