Betty Jean Davis where are you?

Picture this:  It’s 1954.  Central Elementary School. Shenandoah Iowa. It’s third grade recess. We  boys are playing kickball. The girls are standing around acting silly. Off to the side standing alone  is  Betty Jean Davis wishing some of the girls would talk to her or ask her to join them.  Betty Jean hoped some of […]

God’s free gift of grace, to me, is. . .

Books about God’s grace and what it means and what it will do abound.   Sometimes I like to boil complex topics down into chunks my simple mind can digest. God’s free gift of grace, to me, is . . . Outright Undeserved Totally sufficient Exclusively God’s Eternal Universal–available to all Indiscriminate Spiritually given Spiritually […]

I could get a PhD in “STUPID”

I do lots of stupid things, but God always brings me through them with His grace and mercy.

Break the law. Oh, Please, break the law

We have died to the law and now live the sanctifying life under Grace in Jesus Christ.

Meekness is not weakness

Can we be meek and still be
effective as ambassadors for Christ and the Gospel message?

My sin; His grace

When I started seriously seeking the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, I learned something that has given me great comfort. I lived a pretty sinful life for lots of years, even after I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.  Some of the things I did I figured would make the Prodigal Son look […]

+ELS–Awesome Law Week On For His Glory

We’ve got a great week of God’s Truth posts lined up next week on a critically important topic in God’s Word.

My New Year’s Resolution: Make No New Year’s Resolutions

New year’s resolutions are useless to me. I’ve never kept one past January 20th. So I stopped making them years ago .However, I do have some things I’m hoping for in 2013. My men’s Bible study leader asked us these twos question

Does The Church Draw People, Or Drive Them Away? Part 2

What if a very attractive, distinguished, articulate woman, with a husband and two children, came to your church several times and finally decided to join?