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For His Glory 2013 Season Preview

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Thank You, All My Wonderful Readers

WordPress sent me a recap of all the activity on my blog in 2012. When I saw the numbers, I was at once awed and humbled.

It doesn’t matter what the numbers were. What matters to me is all of you. I could hardly believe so many of you stopped by my blog to read the words God gave me to share in 2012. Continue reading


Face lift For My Blog


Celebrating 100 posts

My post, “How Heavy Is Your Cross?”  was my 100th post on this blog.
It’s been a great ride with lots of comments, lots of feedback and lots of joy for me.
Thank all of you for tuning in.  We have some new stuff planned for the near future that I hope you will like.
Again, thanks for tuning in and let’s blog on, Baby!


Debating Liberal Facebook Friend Invigorating

A former classmate of mine I’ve known since elementary school is a liberal. Karen married one and I think he converted her. She and I have exchanged pleasantries and a few political barbs on our Facebook wall posts. Some of the exchanges have grown a bit spicy. She calls me a far-right columnist and I call her a bleeding-heart liberal extremist.

Continue reading