How to pick the right religion

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Sanctity Of Life Sunday

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Is It Okay To Kill My One-Year-Old Down Syndrome Child?

Today is National Down Syndrome Day.

I watched this video yesterday and it touched my heart. It reminded me how very special down syndrome folks are, especially children.

Whether you are pro choice or pro life, or don’t give a hoot one way or another, I strongly urge you to watch this six-minute video.


Response To: Letter To A Mother Considering An Abortion

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New Author Joins “. . .all for God’s Glory”

I am thrilled today to announce the addition of a bright and shining author and servant of God to our “. . .all for God’s Glory” author family. Lisa Kratz Thomas has agreed to allow some of her blogs and other writing to be posted here. I am also going to add her book, This Is Your Life, Not A Dress Rehearsal  to my list of resource materials. I will rely on her life and her writing to inspire some of my blogs.

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