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God And Dr. Seuss Agree

By Bryan Ridenour

Author’s Note: Bryan writes one of my favorite blogs to read. He is insightful and always inspires me. This post appeared on his blog this past week and I felt it was well worth sharing with you all.  Bryan is a husband, father of four and a youth and children’s pastor in the heart of the Bible Belt.


In the early spring of this year, my wife and I lost a baby.  At 17 weeks of pregnancy, nurses listened for a heartbeat and found Continue reading


God Is Pro-Choice


Think About This Today

How do you feel today? Are you anxious, tired, fearful for your job or you marriage or your kids? Are you disappointed? Discouraged? In financial trouble? Emotionally devastated? Feeling hopeless? Unworthy? Unaccepted? Lonely?

God has a prescription for you that He guarantees will make you feel better. God prescribes that we read Psalms 139 and call on Him any time. We cannot fathom the depths of God’s love for ALL of us. But, David came as close as any human could when he wrote this Psalm.

Read it, chew it up and swallow it. Digest every line, every promise God makes to us, and every way He tells us that He loves us. Continue reading